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Bound to Rebound


So what do we mean by Bound to Rebound? The Ballmate family consists of training tools with extremely high rebounding- and return capabilities. The unique Ballmate rubber surface will return passes smoothly and help you develop your speed, passing- and shooting abilities. You will notice great result in practically no time. The products are durable, lightweight and easy to store and carry, made for outdoors- as well as indoors training. All this makes Ballmate the ultimate floorball training buddy - Your best mate!

Ballmate Stripe

This is where it all started, and the basis for all Ballmate products. The yellow polyurethane is super easy to attach to almost every surface. Ballmate has the same effect all over it's body. The feeling is that the ball returns in the same speed as the shot or pass itself.

Ballmate Pro

Want to go pro? Then this set is for you! The straight 90 degree surface hands you low rolling passes while the 16 degree tilted side helps develop your volley game. Frame made from aluminum with a rubber bottom to reduce friction and add stability.

Ballmate target

The ultimate addition to Ballmate Pro for high level target practice! Mounted onto the Ballmate Pro in a matter of seconds and desembled again just as easily! Super fast rebounds from the net keeps your training intensity high. No rest for the best!

You can be great


Alexander Carlström

National team's super sniper Alexander Galante Carlström has been nominated to Player of the Year. Galante Carlström beat his own high-score in the Swedish Super League this year, when he made ​​the unprecedented 75 (47 + 28) points. In his ability to find strategic areas, he shows once more that it takes takes determination and sniper-like accuracy to be a great player. With Ballmate, Alexander is taking his game one step further.



Diego "Digge" is the youth coach dedicated to develop floor hockey. Diego has a unique gift when it comes to speaking "their language". With over 50.000 plus followers on social media he is communicating on a day to day basis with Floor hockey players both from Sweden and abroad. His philosophy is based on daring to break patterns and thinking outside the box. DD is using Ballmate Pro regularly in his special practices with his teams.



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